Welcome. I'm a freelance photographer based in the West End of Glasgow, Scotland.

I actually began my career as a scientist, which taught me a lot about the world and satisfied many of my interests—I travelled widely, learned to teach, to understand people and to never run out of words in a conversation.

I'd long had a passion for photography and found that while science helped me understand something of the world, photography helped me see the world—light and dark, texture, simplicity, beauty. With the introduction of the first serious digital SLRs I turned all my attention towards the art and science of digital photography.

I gave myself photo projects and sought out talented artists who helped me develop, and to progress in a broad range of styles that I bring together in my lifestyle photography (street, conceptual, architectural, landscape and documentary). I now produce reproducibly high-quality professional images in any situation. You can expect a friendly and understanding photographer, keen to work with whatever project you have in mind, whether it be commercial or just you and your family.

The images I most enjoy taking are photo stories that centre around people in their own space, where they are most comfortable. My aim is to capture genuine moments, rather than those forced or posed. If you are after my wedding services, I have teamed up with my wife Katy for these—please visit The Caryls | Wedding & Elopement Photography.

I hope to hear from you about what you need,